September 4, 2015

My Birkin Lookalike

I'll admit it – I cannot justify forking over upwards of $10,000 for the holy grail of purses. Even if I had such a desire, I have no connections which will land me on the coveted, secret wait list. And yet, the siren call of the Birkin has lured me time and again. So, rather than creating a sizeable dent in my savings, I decided to just find a similar-looking, well-crafted leather purse in camel. To be clear, I DID NOT want a fake or a knockoff, with "Hermes" or "Paris" emblazoned anywhere on it.

Of course, I found such a thing on Amazon. The price was reasonable and the reviews were enthusiastic.

Ainifeel Women's Padlock Handbags with Golden Hardware in Brown

35 cm
Cow leather
Synthetic lining. Imported
Size 35cm: 13.8'' long, 7'' wide, 10'' high, 4'' handle
Regular price: $409/Sale price: $119

I ordered it and in less than a week, I got it. Despite the reviews, I told myself not to expect too much.   I did not have to worry. I got exactly what I had hoped for and even better actually. The pebbled leather looks and feels gorgeous. (It even smells amazing - I love the smell of new leather.) It's roomy, structured, and appears to be well-constructed. I can easily foresee it lasting a very long time ... perhaps until I get the real thing!

In fact, I'm so happy with it, I want to buy a couple more in a red perhaps or an ostrich-pattern leather.

It comes with all the handles and hardware wrapped in plastic and this cute little scarf.

Comparison with my quilted Kate Spade purse. The length is the same but the Birkin lookalike holds more as you will see ---

It can hold my wallet, my makeup bag, my bag of odds and ends, a book, and my 13-inch MacBook Air. 

And yes, it comes with a clochette and little lock and key - which surprisingly works!

Shown here with a leopard print dress and Laredo Madison Boots in Burnished Red.


  1. Hi.. how has the bag held up? Did you end up ordering more styles in different colors?

    1. Hi! I used it every day for four months and then switched to my winter bag. It held up fine, still retaining its shape. I'll use it again in spring-time. The thing with this style is that it really weighs on your arms, especially if you fill it up like I do. I ended up missing my shoulder bag. I haven't bought it in different colors because I'm looking for a smaller bag overall.