October 2, 2015

DIY Birdcage Chandelier

I had a white Chinese paper lantern hanging on the corner of my bedroom for about 6 years. I purchased it at Cost Plus Imports for $10 and it served as a well as a light solution, considering that I don't have room for a standing lamp nor did I have electrical plates to hang light fixtures from the ceiling. However, the paper lantern was getting kind of shabby and it was time for a change.

I threw out the paper lantern part and kept the electric kit it came with. I found a silver-grayish birdcage from Home Goods that was the right size for $16.99 and mini white Christmas string lights (100 count) for $8.99 at Target. I positioned the base of the electric socket down the center of the top part of the birdcage, holding it in place with clear ties that matched the silvery wire bars of the cage. I then pushed the cord through the bars and hung up it from two hooks in the ceiling, spaced enough apart to securely hold the cage.  I then wove the mini Christmas lights in and out through the bars of the cage to evenly distribute them. 

For additional security, I looped a strong silver chain through the top hoop of the cage and hung it from one of the hooks affixed to the ceiling.

With both the mini Christmas lights and the lightbulb plugged in - voila! - a whimsical birdcage chandelier. 

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