November 13, 2015


While Spectre is not my favorite James Bond film (of the Daniel Craig era) - that place is held by Casino Royale - it does have what I consider to be the most stunning opening sequence of all.  The Day of the Dead scenes are colorful, festive and make me long to visit Mexico City. As the behind the scenes video below shows, the filmmakers made every effort to deliver something unforgettable and they certainly succeeded.

I was going to start talking about Daniel Craig's suits but found this excellent website which beat me to it: The Suits of James Bond
Instead I'll post the pics of my favorite outfits by the dashing Mr. Craig. 

I really love this look. All covered up but you can still tell how dangerous and fit! he is. All in black with those piercing, icy-blue eyes.

There's a shoot-out in the snow scene and despite the hail of gunfire, one can't help but admire his form.

I love all of James Bond's suits; they're sleek, perfectly tailored and somehow Daniel Craig makes running on top of buildings in them look effortless. 

Apparently, all of the suits were supplied by Tom Ford.

Except for this one, I think. Nevertheless, I think this suit, with the top hat and cane, is my favorite one from the movie. Somehow, Daniel Craig makes skeletal look sexy.

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