December 2, 2015

A Foodie's Bite of The Big Apple

It's been ages since I lasted visited The Big Apple - a city I consider to be a the center of the universe, without exaggeration. In terms of fashion, culture, and food, New York is where it's at. No other place in the world can rival its pulsing energy. While I make sure to catch up on all the latest art exhibits and buzzed-about Broadway shows when I visit, I must admit that food adventures are on the top of my list.      

Not gonna lie - my first stop after getting off the plane was to Dominique Ansel at Spring Street to get the one and only  Cronut®.    Now, ordinarily, arriving at the bakery at 11 am would lead to Cronut® disappointment. The bakery only makes 300 of these at a time. People start lining up at 7, at least a full hour before they open, and the line goes around the block. And indeed, when I waltzed in, there was a staff person by the door, whose only purpose that I could discern was to politely tell arriving patrons that they were out of Cronuts® for the day. 

I smiled and replied, "I preordered." Yes, you can preorder two weeks in advance, in which you must choose the date and time you wish to pick up your order. There is only one flavor for the entire month, which led to some apprehension. What if it's something weird and too risky for my mundane palate? Luckily for me, the flavor that month was caramel rum bananas foster. 

So was it worth the hype?

Layer upon buttery layer - moist, heavenly, and delicious. If a doughnut and a croissant were to mate, a Cronut® would be their perfect offspring. The answer is YES!!!

For dinner, I went to one of the Halal Guys' sit-down eateries. Moist, flavorful chicken, falafel and the unbelievable white sauce. Trust me - it is all about the white sauce.

The next morning, I went to my favorite grocery store - Zabar's, where I got my toasted everything bagel, lox, and smoked salmon, which I ate at Central Park by the lake.  Life doesn't get any better than this.

For lunch I high-tailed it to Brooklyn and had the new spicy chicken sandwich at Shake Shack. Oh, hot, crunchy heaven.

For dinner on my last night, I saved the best for last. Momofuku Noodle House.

I started off with a most refreshing watermelon slushy.

Then their world-famous shrimp buns. Hot damn! sooooo good.

And then the piece de resistance. The Momofuku ramen. How can I describe this brilliant symphony of flavors? The gorgeous poached egg that cracked open to a rich orangey sauce. The shredded pork shoulder. The to-die for ramen broth. And that pork belly - dear lord, it was like butter.  I had died and gone to food heaven.

Alas, it was with a sad heart - and a full stomach - that I went home, dreaming of when I can  again eat my way through this most amazing city.

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