December 4, 2015

Hunter Boots: An Obsession

I would have to classify this an obsession rather than a simple collection for the simple reason that I live in California ---- which happens to be in the middle of a drought. If I lived in Seattle then at least my "collecting" rain boots would make sense. Perhaps it is wish-fulfillment manifest - water rationing makes us Californians search our perfect blue skies for any hint of clouds in the horizon.  

Or maybe, I just love Hunter boots because they're beautiful, well-made, and comfortable.  When the weatherman forecast rain recently, I was so excited, I immediately planned my rainy day outfit around which pair of rain boots I was going to wear. 

Hunter started out as a British rubber company in 1856. They created the Original boot a hundred years  later in 1956. According to their website, they hold royal warrants from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. 

Hunter holds two Royal Warrants by Appointment to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh as suppliers of waterproof footwear. An accolade awarded to those who have provided products to the royal households for at least 5 years, Hunter received the first in 1977 from the Duke of Edinburgh and the second from HM The Queen in 1986.

I just love how all the boots have a place to write your name and phone number next to the royal warrants and Hunter logo.

Believe it or not, this was my first pair of Hunter boots, Arine in merlot. High-heeled rain boots - who would ever want to take these off?

Loved the Arine so much, I decided to get the Gabby in glossy black. I just love the silver hardware and laces. They look badass, plain and simple.

When I saw that Hunter did a collaboration with Rag and Bone, I knew I had to have a pair. I mean, zippers … on rain boots! Genius, right?  They're slimmer than regular Hunter boots and have a sleek equestrian silhouette.

The Rag & Bone boots are my only pair that do not have the royal warrants stamped on the inside.

These are not your Scottish grandmother's Wellies. The Lapins is the Gabby's taller, fiercer sister. These are the pair I would wear if I was in Venice during the acqua alta.  Can you imagine wading across Piazza San Marco in such style?

The silver buckle is my favorite detail.

The Tour in glossy military red is the most "normal" Hunter boot I have. 

The Tour is a line of packable rain boots and come with a little bag for your suitcase.

How to take care of Hunter boots? Since they are made of rubber, from time to time, they can "bloom" - which are white spots or streaks. No problem, just rub it off with the Hunter Boot Buffer and they'll be gone in no time. 

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