January 15, 2016


Oxblood tweed coat from H&M
Black liquid leggings from Target
Black and burgundy blouse from Forever 21
Hunter boots in burgundy
Burgundy floppy hat from Old Navy
Burgundy earrings from Target

Oxblood was the color a few years ago and it seemed every fashion retailer from Banana Republic to H&M had pieces in this particular shade. When I look back at my acquisitions from that time period, I certainly took advantage of this trend. But oxblood - a deep red with undertones of purple and brown - is a rich and timeless color. I love wearing it in winter as an alternative to the Christmassy scarlets that abound.
My favorite piece in oxblood is this beautiful tweed coat from H&M. When I saw it online, I kept hounding my local store, waiting for it to get in. 

The one detail that makes this coat stand out is the exquisite faux fur which looks black from afar but reveals its oxblood color in the light.

A sentimental find, I bought this silver ring with an oxblood stone center carved with Arabic characters from a shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Floppy hat from Old Navy

One of my most cherished lipstick shades - Deeply Chili by Revlon. Alas, it's discontinued so I am hoarding this last tube, only using it for the most special of occasions.

Raising the Barre by Ciate

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