February 17, 2016

Kir Royale

I first had a kir royale in Le Train Blue in Paris. I don't know if it was the stunning Belle Epoque interiors or the fact that I was in Paris … but ever since then it has become my favorite cocktail of all time. A kir royal is what I drink when I have something wonderful to celebrate, on my birthday, on other people's birthdays…  You can drink a plain kir with white wine, but kir royales are the way to go.  Sweet, bubbly, and as the name indicates, I feel just like royalty whenever I drink it. 

Kir Royale


Framboise (raspberry liquor)
fresh raspberries
champagne flutes

1. Place 3-4 raspberries at the bottom of the champagne flute.
2. Fill 1/3 of the flute with framboise.
3. Fill the rest with Champagne.

À votre santé!

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