February 12, 2016

Patisserie Markiz in Istanbul

One of my favorite past-times when visiting cities all over the world is finding myself a good cafe with atmosphere, grabbing a drink and a bite to eat and spending a couple hours people-watching.
Address: Istaklal Caddessi No. 360-362, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

In Istanbul, especially in Istklal Caddessi, every other storefront is a cafe. As you wend down warrens and alleys, innumerable cafes spring up with little wooden table and chairs where one can while away the hours with strong coffee in copper pots brewed over hot coals. 

One cafe I sought out was Patisserie Markiz, which sadly is not a patisserie anymore but a fast food restaurant.  However, it is the fanciest one I have encountered, with a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling and two breathtaking art nouveau panels reminiscent of Mucha, Spring and Autumn. Winter and Summer were also commissioned; however, they broke during their journey from France.  For a fuller history, go here.

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