June 10, 2016


Bucharest was never on my travel wish list - until I happened to catch the movie Blood and Chocolate on television. It is based on a young adult werewolf book which I have but never could get past the first chapter. Unlike the book, however, the movie captured my interest immediately mostly because of the story's setting was moved to Bucharest. Romania, which is primarily known as the land of Dracula, also has some intriguing werewolf myths. The movie kindled an intense hunger to visit Romania, which my imagination seized upon as a mythical, supernatural place. 

The movie trailer flashes some of the evocative scenes that grabbed me - beautiful old buildings, turn of the century streets, and wilderness.
Stravopoleous Church
Unfortunately, I spent only one full day in Bucharest because I wanted to focus on Transylvania. My one big regret was not allowing more time to explore this lovely city.  

Cișmigiu Gardens


Cișmigiu Gardens

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