July 11, 2016

Book Review: The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Throughout her studies, Ceony Twill has harbored a secret, one she’s kept from even her mentor, Emery Thane. She’s discovered how to practice forms of magic other than her own—an ability long thought impossible.

While all seems set for Ceony to complete her apprenticeship and pass her upcoming final magician’s exam, life quickly becomes complicated. To avoid favoritism, Emery sends her to another paper magician for testing, a Folder who despises Emery and cares even less for his apprentice. To make matters worse, a murderous criminal from Ceony’s past escapes imprisonment. Now she must track the power-hungry convict across England before he can take his revenge. With her life and loved ones hanging in the balance, Ceony must face a criminal who wields the one magic that she does not, and it may prove more powerful than all her skills combined.

If you’ve read my reviews of The Paper Magician and The Glass Magician , then it will come as no surprise that, foregoing all other worthy pursuits, I instead elected to binge-read the entire trilogy in one weekend.  That’s really all you need to know and should spur you to pick up the first book, if not all three.  Being the finale, The Master Magician of course ties up all loose ends, including romantic ones. However, my reading satisfaction stems from the fact that Ceony really grows in power and skill in this final installment as she explores the other magical disciplines in secret while studying for her test to become a proper magician.  Like the others, The Master Magician is clever and exciting and more than ever left me wanting my own animated paper dog (Fennel, I will miss you!)

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