July 22, 2016

L'Instant Magic by Guerlain

As soon as I knew the dates I was going to be in Paris, I e-mailed Guerlain and inquired, hopefully, if they had any bottles of L'Instant Magic lying around that I might purchase in person in a few months.  You see, L'Instant Magic has been discontinued for some years but I thought if anyone would have it, it would be its maker.

However, to my disappointment, a polite reply came soon after, dashing my hopes:

"Dear Madam," it read.  "Unfortunately, the fragrance L'INSTANT MAGIC has been discontinued from the Guerlain range of products.  At this date, there isn't anymore stock available in our warehouse."

So when I was shopping at Galaries Lafayette in Paris and the Guerlain associate asked me if I needed help, I blithely asked if she had any L'Instant Magic lying around.  "I'm sorry, madame," she said regretfully, "but Guerlain no longer makes L'Instant Magic."  I shrugged but then she hesitated. "Although, let me look in the back," she said slowly as if remembering something.  

20 minutes later - she confirmed that she had 4 boxes left.  How many would madame like?

It was with utmost restraint that I only asked for one. If I never bought anything else my entire trip, the pink Guerlain box would have been a sufficient souvenir ten times over.

Why do I love this fragrance so much?  To answer that, it melds two of my favorite scents - sweet almond and baby powder. That might be a rather basic distillation but I just love it on my skin. It's springtime, Paris, feminine, and light.  There is a bit of a slight white musk undertone, just enough to give it some sophistication.

Honestly, I have to remind myself not to use it too much since I only have one bottle to last me the rest of my days.  Argh!  Yes, I am indeed regretting not buying all four boxes in Paris. C'est la vie...
The bottle and the box are both numbered.

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