June 19, 2017

Book Review: The Amulet Thief by Luanne Bennett

Alex Kelley vanished twenty-one years ago––the night her mother was murdered. When she comes home to New York City, she wants just two things: a little peace, and answers about the unsolved murder and why she was abandoned in the middle of America at the age of eight.

Greer Sinclair, an enigmatic stranger who knows a little bit more than he should, just might give her both––and more if she’ll let him.

What is she?

What is he? 

Who is this beguiling satyr who keeps coming between them? 

She attracts the otherworldly like moths to a flame. And why does every stranger on the streets of Manhattan want a piece of her and that pendant hanging around her pretty little neck?

Maybe the answers are in a peculiar shop in the heart of Greenwich Village where ghosts, memories, and secrets are bursting from the walls and the books and the one person who knows her best. 

The line between the mundane and supernatural worlds is starting to blur. Which side will she choose? Which would you?

The Amulet Thief at first bewitched me. The New York setting, a protagonist who seemed brave and intriguing with a powerful secret.  However, the more I read, the more I grew frustrated with Alex as she continually put herself in stupid situations - for the sake of plot. The author squandered the promise of the initial chapters to create artificial and maddening scenes that only showed her protagonist in a terrible light. Alex's interactions with Greer turned into a Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele dynamic.  He's rich, controlling and a stalker.  She's a clumsy idiot who can't seem to make an intelligent decision yet somehow he's fascinated with her.  HOWEVER, something did compel me to keep turning the pages despite my increasing contempt for the heroine. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to propel me towards reading the sequel.

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