November 20, 2017

Book Review: The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

Source: Netgalley

Kaine Prescott is no stranger to death. When her husband died two years ago, her pleas for further investigation into his suspicious demise fell on deaf ears. In desperate need of a fresh start, Kaine purchases an old house sight unseen in her grandfather's Wisconsin hometown. But one look at the eerie, abandoned house immediately leaves her questioning her rash decision. And when the house's dark history comes back with a vengeance, Kaine is forced to face the terrifying realization she has nowhere left to hide.

A century earlier, the house on Foster Hill holds nothing but painful memories for Ivy Thorpe. When an unidentified woman is found dead on the property, Ivy is compelled to discover her identity. Ivy's search leads her into dangerous waters, resurrecting painful memories and forcing a reunion with the man who broke her heart. Can Ivy unravel the mystery and find a renewed hope before any other lives--including her own--are lost?

 The House on Foster Hill employs dual timelines – one in the present day with Kaine and the second in turn-of-the-century with Ivy. Both women are wrestling with dangerous events in their own time, all somehow connected by the house on Foster Hill.  When the novel opens, Ivy is at the scene when a girl’s murdered body has just been found.  In the present, Kaine is fleeing a stalker and has purchased the old house to renovate and perhaps open as a bed and breakfast.  How the two characters intertwine and the sinister mysteries that engulf them both take some time to be revealed, as it is not a fast-paced plot.  The suspense is strongly flavored with romance, as well as Christian overtones.

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