September 3, 2018

Book Review: Paris Ever After by K.S.R Burns

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When Amy left her stale life and crumbling marriage in Phoenix for the enchanting gardens and cozy cafés of Paris, she not only conquered her food issues and learned to enjoy a good croissant, she began to build the beautiful, elegant, and loving life she’d always longed for. Then, on Amy’s thirtieth birthday, her estranged husband William shows up—with no warning. Before Amy has a chance to find out if he’s after reconciliation or separation, a second newcomer arrives, unleashing a chaos that threatens to leave her homeless. As secrets are revealed and surprises occur on seemingly an hourly basis, Amy must choose between two very different worlds, each with a claim on her heart. 

Paris Ever After is the sequel to The Paris Effect, which I did not read. Although you get the gist of what happened in the first book, I think you would be better served having read The Paris Effect prior to the sequel. I found myself disoriented for the first 3 chapters, which detracted from my enjoyment of the story itself. I kept wondering why Amy ran off and left William in the first place. I really wanted more details on how Amy met the people that are now so important in her life in Paris. (And maybe take some notes. What incredible luck to have found such loyal friends!) Finally - the first book has a party in the catacombs! Worth reading just for that. There are only tantalizing references to that legendary scene in the sequel, which sadly has no similar scene.  

However, it does have some surprises of its own – such as a magical scene of a castle hidden in the midst of urban Paris, a character very shockingly turning up from the dead, a kidnapping, and of course … you have Paris.  

“…the first time I stepped onto a Paris sidewalk, I felt wholly at ease.  The sky was the color of pewter. The streets were shiny jet black from a night of rain. I walked for miles, sloshing straight through puddles, invincible in my boots and then-pristine black fingertip-length trench coat.  It was, to date, the nicest walk of my entire life.”

I have to say, no matter how unstable Amy’s life in Paris got, life in Phoenix never stood a chance. 

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