November 5, 2018

Book Review: Milk Street: Tuesday Nights by Christopher Kimball

Publication Date: October 16, 2018

Source: Vine

At Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, Tuesdays are the new Saturdays. That means every Tuesday Nights recipe delivers big, bold flavors, but the cooking is quick and easy--simple enough for the middle of the week.

Kimball and his team of cooks and editors search the world for straightforward techniques that deliver delicious dinners in less time. Here they present more than 200 solutions that will transform your weeknight cooking, showing how to make simple, healthy, delicious meals using pantry staples and just a few other ingredients.

This recipe book is divided into 9 sections: Fast (45 minutes or under), Faster (35 minutes or under), Fastest (30 minutes or under), Easy Additions, Supper Salads, Pizza Night, One Pot, Roast and Simmer, and Sweets. Surprise, surprise, for weeknight dinners, I gravitated towards the Fastest section most often, which most of the time I could do in half-an-hour. I love that there are photos to accompany each recipes - my copy came in black and white, not sure if the finished book has color. 

I also love that these recipes come from all over the world: Moroccan Chicken Skewers, Vietnamese Shaking Beef, Singapore Chili Shrimp, Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Candies, etc., as well as the usual European influences such as Italy, Germany and France. If you want to shake up your weekly dinner lineup, this is a fantastic way to do so without diving into anything too complicated but still bringing a fresh and unusual spin on things. I found that the recipes were truly comprehensive, in that Kimball's team walks you through each step, often-times anticipating where the hurried cook might be tempted to shortcut or overdo a particular stage.

The recipes, as promised, seem thoroughly tested and vetted, with most recipes having a little tip for better execution: e.g. "Don't skip refrigerating the meatballs; chilling helps them hold together in the soup." "Don't dress the salad until you are ready to serve. The zucchini and herbs are delicate and quickly wilt."

I found that I had most of the ingredients already in hand, and 99% of those I didn't I could find in my local grocery store. The most exotic ingredients were fish sauce, lemongrass and specific kinds of chilies. To really get the most of this book, flag your recipes for the following week and plan it out by buying your ingredients ahead of time.

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