April 2, 2019

Bangkok's Chatuchak Market

My impressions of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market? Depending on your personality – you’re going to either feel like you’re entering shopping nirvana or your worst nightmare.  Be prepared for aisles and aisles of sheer STUFF. I think I read somewhere that if you can’t find it here – then it doesn’t exist.  I like to shop myself and I went to Chatuchak with some souvenir items in mind, but I have to admit that the volume and sameness of the merchandise overwhelmed me. I left as soon as I found what I wanted. 

But practicalities first. Either take the MRT to the Chatachuk Station or the BTS Skytrain to  Mo Chit.  As you exit the Skytrain station, you will be by a park next to the market. Cross the street and enter.  

My tips are as follows:

Figure out what you want to buy first before going in.  Items are roughly grouped together.  Clothes are in some sections, furniture in another, and plants in yet another. There are signs to tell you which section you are in.  Scout out the general marked prices for what you want before bargaining.  

If you’re with a group, a good place to meet up is the clock tower in the middle of the market.  

There are some places to eat inside the market but the majority of food stalls are concentrated on the perimeter, close to Skytrain exit.  Be aware that on Mondays, there are far fewer stalls due to street cleaning.

If you get sick of the press of crowds at Chatuchak, there is a lovely green park next to it, perfect for picknicking or relaxing.

If you’re looking for souvenirs – you will be spoiled for choice in Chatuchak.  However, I cannot classify it as a must-see while in Bangkok. 

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